Become a Top Wedding Planner – “Wizard of Oz” Wedding Theme on “My Fair Wedding”


Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera had a bride who was planning a “Wizard of Oz” themed wedding because of her love of the movie. She had created a yellow brick road aisle runner of construction paper, Styrofoam lollipops to decorate her candy bar, green poinsettias for chair decorations and baskets of apples and assorted other items for her bridesmaids to carry as their bouquets. David thought she had nailed her concept but felt the items she chose as decorations were “kitschy.” So he took her ideas and took the wedding in a different direction, something you might need to do if your bride shows you “kitschy” accessories.

Here are some of the things David did to change the look of the bride’s wedding:

The bride had a very traditional looking dress that didn’t match her theme and the bridesmaids had dresses that made them look like they were from Munchkin Land. David took them to Alfred Angelo in Beverly Hills and chose different dresses.

He gave the bride a gown made with a unique rosette fabric and beading that sparkled like the Emerald City. I found this was Style 446 on the Alfred Angelo site.

He also gave her ruby red slippers with yellow lining that had the quote, “There’s no place like home.” (David used the color yellow a lot because it was the bride’s grandmother’s favorite color and it was a way of remembering and honoring her in the wedding.)

The bridesmaids were given yellow versions of dress Style 7093 to replace their short strapless “Munchkin-like” dresses. 

Instead of a construction paper yellow brick road aisle runner, David had a fabric non-slip one made by The Original Aisle Runner (their aisle runners have been in many celebrity weddings) and the dance floor at the reception was also made to look like yellow bricks.

David followed the quote of “There’s no place like home” into the reception by making the tables look like they could be in dining rooms in  homes. He used a mix of round and rectangular tables, covered them with rose garden taffeta tablecloths, and gathered a collection of mismatched vases and filled them with flowers that looked like they had just been collected in the garden. ( This is a good idea for a county themed wedding also.)

The rental chairs were selected to look like they were dining room furniture.

As you can see from the photo at the top of this post, the wedding cake incorporated many elements from the “Wizard of Oz” movie. The base is the yellow brick road, the bottom cake is the Tin Man, the next up the Scarecrow, then the Cowardly Lion, the blue check from Dorothy’s dress with a glittery ruby red band representing her slippers, and the Emerald City with the bride and groom’s initials at the top.

David was able to successfully use a movie theme as a wedding theme and make the event elegant and beautiful rather than cluttered and “kitschy.” When you get a similar theme, remember to work with the bride to make the details come together in a way that may be  much bigger than her original vision.

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