Become a Top Wedding Planner – Write Raves Not Rants


Wedding Planner Ranting On Her Blog

There are times when your work as a wedding planner can be frustrating or you may get angry at a vendor or client and feel like you want to vent your anger somewhere. Just make sure that somewhere is not your blog.

In last night’s episode of the television show, Ugly Betty, Betty took to her blog to rant. She figured she only had a few readers, “22 girls reading to their cats”, so it wouldn’t matter that she wrote mean things about her boss. However, the blog got very wide readership when she published her rant, people discovered who she was talking about and she did serious damage to his reputation.

You never know who will read your blog or when they will read it so be careful what you say about people.

Remember also that people cannot see your expression or hear your tone of voice on your blog unless you post an audio or video clip and written words can easily be misinterpreted. If you are at all concerned that something might be taken the wrong way, don’t publish you post when you rant.

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