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Wedding Planner Writing About Her Ideal Client

In my last post, I wrote about not starting your wedding planning business by handling weddings for celebrities. So, do you know who your ideal first clients are? It is important that you know who you want to reach so you can offer the products and services they need and communicate to them in a way that attracts them.

Here are some of the qualities and preferences about your ideal clients that you should know:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Straight/Gay
  • Single/Divorced/Widowed
  • Children
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they shop?
  • Where do they vacation?
  • What hobbies do they have?
  • What do they do in their spare time?
  • What clubs or associations do they belong to?
  • What kind of car do they drive?
  • How savvy are they about using the Internet?
  • How do they like to communicate with people? (By phone, in person, email, social networking, etc.)
  • What kinds of newspapers, books and magazines do they read?
  • What religion or customs and traditions do they follow?
  • Who is paying for their wedding?
  • What is the approximate wedding budget?
  • Who is involved in planning the wedding?
  • Who is making the major decisions about the wedding?
  • What is their biggest fear about their wedding day?
  • What type of wedding ceremony do they want? (religious or civil)
  • What is the most important thing to them about their wedding day?

I know the first time someone told me to write down the characteristics and preferences of my ideal client, I brushed it off. I thought that I didn’t need to know all this information about them and as long as I had a picture of them in my head. But I didn’t get my ideal clients until I wrote this information down on paper. The act of writing it down seemed to give me the clarity I needed to create the services they wanted and would buy.

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