Become a Top Weding Planner – Planning to Make the Rich Your Niche?


Do you think you can be a top wedding planner by working with rich clients?  Some want-to-be and new planners think so.  I recently received a call from someone who knows she is going to be laid off shortly from her corporate job.  She told me she had planned a few parties for friends she thinks she would do great as a wedding planner.  She plans to join a club, in an affluent neighborhood, whose members are mothers and their daughters who are about the age that young women married.  She figures they would have very expensive weddings which she will plan for a percentage of the budget.

There is nothing wrong with selecting a target market, finding where they are and networking with them but I felt very uncomfortable with everything this woman was telling me.  She doesn’t have the experience and knowledge about wedding planning that she needs and she doesn’t have any plans to acquire it.  She recently moved into the area and doesn’t have any vendor contacts.  She is planning to suggest high-end services to give herself a large income.  She would be the type of wedding planner that gives the industry a bad name.

I told this caller that she had to have experience and education in wedding planning or she will not be successful.  She had to know reputable vendors and be able to negotiate contracts.  And, I do not recommend taking a percentage of the wedding expenses as pay.  Clients who are billed in this way often feel that wedding planners suggest expensive products and services just to make more money. 

I also told her that being a wedding planner does not mean easy money.  She has to be wiling to work hard to be successful.  If she isn’t willing to do that and if she doesn’t have a passion for weddings and for helping people have the wedding day of their dreams, she should try a different business. 

Please don’t become a wedding planner because you think it will make you rich and famous.  It might, but you are going to have to do a lot to make that happen.  And please don’t think that wealthy clients will help you become wealthy quickly.  Just because people have money doesn’t mean they are willing to spend it.

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