Wedding Planner Q&A Day – Thinking Of Becoming A Wedding Planner After Planning Your Own Wedding?


Tips For Brides Who Plan Their Own Weddings and Want To Become Wedding Planners

Can an organized bride, planning her own wedding, use that experience to become a top wedding planner?

It can happen, but there are a few things you need to do before it becomes a reality. In today’s Q&A I help a bride, a future wedding planner, begin her path to success.

I’m an aspiring wedding planner who is currently planning my own wedding. I would like to start a business offering luxury services to brides on a budget because I believe that everyone is entitled to the convenience of a wedding planner.

Although I have yet to come up with a name, I have a particular vision of becoming a one stop shop that offers everything from partial planning to full coordination to a package that includes hair, makeup, floral, photography, catering, etc. (I have a network of these professionals). I also have lots of inside tips on local vendors because I’ve been so research savvy in my own planning!

The only problem I have is that I have a very small budget to begin. How can I start to become a reputable company without an office and a portfolio?

Best wishes on your upcoming wedding, I’m glad you are enjoying the process so much that you are interested in becoming a professional.

Before coming up with a name and opening for business, here are 6 questions I want you to answer so you are on the right track to become a top wedding planner:

1) Have you planned weddings for other brides?

Planning your own wedding is great experience but it doesn’t give you all of the skills you need to plan for others. If you haven’t planned events for anyone else, offer to help family members and friends plan their weddings so you learn how to work within someone’s budget, accept a bride’s ideas, even when they aren’t what you would choose, and give excellent service. Planning events for free will also give you an opportunity to get the photos and testimonials you need to build your reputation and portfolio.

2) How much do you know about running a business?

It takes more than knowing how to plan weddings to be a successful wedding planner so if you have not had a business in the past, consider taking classes or studying business basics on your own. Also, you might want to consider running your business out of your home until you get a few clients.

3) Who will your brides be, what size budget will they have?

“Budget” can mean different amounts to different people. Have a dollar amount in mind. Is it $5000 or $20,000? Then do some research to determine what type of wedding you could help a bride have within that amount of money and if you can make a profit planning these weddings.

4) What will your brides consider “luxury services”?

You want to make sure you will be offering the services brides want and will pay for. As you are gaining experience, pay attention to what your brides want and can’t afford and where they are spending the money that they have.

5) How will your network of professionals work together?

You’ll want to decide if you will just be referring services to each other or if you will be creating partnerships, advertising together, and putting any restrictions on whether or not you allow each other to also partner with competition. Any agreements other than informally referring each other should be reviewed by an attorney.

6) How will you find clients?

Once you have an idea of who you want your clients to be and the services they will buy, determine how you can market to them. It doesn’t take a lot of money to market your services. Certainly, you’ll want a presence online with a website and/or blog and social media accounts. But you will also need to get out and network and spread the word about what you do. Referrals from brides for whom you planned weddings for free when you start may bring you some of your first paying clients.

Don’t worry about a name for your business. When you’ve determined who your brides will be and what types of luxury services they want, you can come up with a name that attracts them to you.

Right now, the most important thing is for you to concentrate on your wedding and, don’t forget, in order to really enjoy your day, you’ll want to hire a wedding planner yourself, at least to help you on the day of your wedding.

P.S. be sure to keep good notes on your own wedding planning…

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