Become a Top Wedding Planner – “Old Hollywood Glamour” Themed Wedding Ideas from “My Fair Wedding”


Are you planning a wedding with a bride whose theme is from a different era? Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera’s bride was planning a black and white wedding with an “Old Hollywood Glamour” theme. The problem was, her decorations, such as the film strip David is holding in the photo above, were more suitable for a child’s modern day birthday party. In addition, because she was so overwhelmed by her theme, she didn’t know where to start, so she procrastinated and hadn’t gotten much done.

Tip – Procrastination is a sure sign of overwhelm. If you notice a bride has procrastinated, she may need more help than she is willing to admit.

David took charge. He first changed her dress and her bridesmaid dresses to gowns that looked more “Old Hollywood Glamour” than the dresses they already had. He had the bride try on three dresses from his line, David Tutera by Faviana, and ultimately chose for her a 60’s look, like a “young Diana Ross,” (below is the dress in a photo from his website).

The bridesmaids received black evening gowns (Style Number: L360062, it appears in white on the website) that were red carpet worthy.

David put the groom in attire that was also reminiscent of the 60’s, a shawl-collared tuxedo jacket.

Tip – Don’t forget, if you are helping the couple select their wedding attire, the groom’s outfit should match the style and level of formality of the bride.

He changed the bride’s venue from a one that, though beautiful, didn’t have the “Old Hollywood” feeling, to The Majestic Halls in downtown Los Angeles, a grand and opulent site that is often used in films.

Tip – Make sure the venue echoes the chosen theme.

To give the Hollywood feel at the ceremony, the aisle runner was a red carpet. And the aisle was further defined by red velvet ropes and movie lights.

The chairs had black covers and the backs were wrapped with a white ribbon pinned with a brooch.

The reception was made to feel like a movie that came alive.

A “living red carpet” led guests to the reception area that featured a checkerboard dance floor.

Tip – Entertainment isn’t just a band or DJ. If your bride has the budget and wants some theatrical elements, consider dancers or performance artists.

The tables were covered with black and white cloths and accented with red napkins pinned with a brooch.

Crystals hung from the ceiling and centerpieces were crystal vases filled with white roses, Calla lilies and Casablanca lilies.

The cake followed the colors of the wedding, it was white with black designs and some layers were decorated with red roses.

Tip – Help your bride match the cake to the theme and colors too!  Tell the cake designer about the theme, bring pictures and swatches.

Do as David does when planning a themed wedding, make sure every detail matches the theme, that is what makes the wedding memorable.

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