Become a Top Wedding Planner – 12 Items You Should Have in Your Client Binder


Wedding Planner's Client Binder 

Yesterday I blogged about keeping your wedding planning business files organized.  Today I’m expanding on the topic of files, in particular, client files.  I create a binder for each client I have and keep all documents, contracts, and notes in this one place.

Here is an excerpt from my ebook on becoming a top wedding planner regarding what should be in your client binder:

1.) Any notes on your bride and groom, including any scheduled meetings you have together.

2.) A copy of the contract the bride or the couple signed with you.  You might want to keep the original in a safe place in your office.

3.) Wedding budget sheets.

4.) Detailed information about the services you’re providing and a timeline for you to follow with actual due dates.

5.) A wedding timeline and to-do lists for the months leading up to the wedding.

6.) Checklists and timelines for the rehearsal, the wedding ceremony, and the reception. Make copies of the wedding day schedule for the wedding party. Have copies of final timelines to distribute to staff and vendors who have commitments.

7.) A divider tab for each of the vendors involved in the wedding.  You should have all of their contact information, a list of the services they are providing, and a copy of their contract and any addendums. If you were not involved in hiring them but you are managing the wedding ceremony and the reception, you still need a copy of their contracts—you will be managing them whether or not you were involved in negotiating their contract.

8.) Paper copies of e-mails you’ve sent and received regarding the wedding. Always get things in writing and keep copies. When you handle changes over the phone or via e-mail or “texting,” write down any agreements made and send a copy to the other party for confirmation.

9.) A floor plan for the reception that has been provided by the venue or that you created yourself.

10.) A copy of the reception seating plan.

11.) Names and contact numbers of everyone in the wedding party.

12.) Blank paper for notes that you can later file in your binder under the appropriate headings.

The Bonus Toolkits that come with my ebook include fill-in-the-blank worksheets and checklists for all the documents I’ve named above, however you can also create them yourself.

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