Does Your Wedding Planning Business Need to Charge Sales Tax?


My business is in California. In this state the services of an event planner are taxable. I couldn’t believe it when I first found out but my bookkeeper investigated it thoroughly and I made some calls to the State Board of Equalization (BOE) to confirm. I’m sure there are event planners in California who don’t know this and aren’t charging tax but it is best to do things right. Along with event planning, I sell invitations and gift items so I collect tax on those things. Whenever I buy things wholesale and use the items myself, I pay sales tax. Every quarter I complete my tax forms and send my payment to the BOE.

Every state has different sales tax laws, some lucky people live in states that don’t collect tax. However, if you are in a state that does, check to see what you need to do. Your accountant or bookkeeper should be able to help you with any questions. Don’t forget to include an estimate of taxes in your proposals or make it clear to your client that your estimates do not include tax.

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