Don’t Be Fooled by These 5 Myths about Being A Wedding Planner


Wedding Planners Need To Network And Not Just Market Online

New wedding planners often struggle when they first start their businesses. There are myths they believe about being a wedding planner which has left them unprepared for some of the realities of the business.

Here are 5 myths you can’t believe when you start you business and what you need to know instead:

Myth #1 – You only need to know how to plan weddings

There is so much more to being successful than just being great at planning weddings. You also need to know how to run a business and how to market it so you have a steady stream of clients.

Myth #2 – Brides will love all of your ideas because, after all, you’re the expert

You might have fabulous ideas for planning and/or designing a wedding but ultimately it’s up to what the bride wants. Don’t take the rejection of your ideas too hard, your bride may have had a vision for what she wants since childhood, and she needs you to help her make it become a reality. Go ahead and offer your opinion but the decision is hers.

Myth #3 – Vendors will easily give any of your brides a discount because you introduced them

Vendors may offer discounts to brides working with wedding planners if they believe it will help them get more referrals from the planner in the future, but it can be difficult when you are new and they don’t know you. If they are not able to offer discounts, see if they are willing to upgrade any of their services or add some small products for the same price.

Myth #4 – If you spend a lot of time giving free advice, a bride will see how great you are and hire you

While you need to share some ideas you have about a bride’s wedding vision, you don’t want to give elaborate descriptions and detailed proposals until a bride is your client. If you offer free consultations, keep them short and offer paid consultations to those who just want ideas but not a “day of” or “full service” wedding planner.

Myth #5 – To attract brides, all you have to do is have an online presence

Many new planners tell me about all of the work they do online to get clients but they don’t do anything offline. You do want to have a strong online presence with your own website and blog and social media accounts but you also need to be visible in your community. Get out and attend local business events, social events, and events hosted by your place of worship.

When you meet vendors, have coffee with them, get to know them and let them get to know you so when they meet a bride who needs a wedding planner, they’ll think of you.

What did you believe about being a wedding planner that you have since found out isn’t true?

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