Grooms No Longer Left Out of Wedding Planning


Many times you will find yourself meeting with couples and not just brides. This is especially true if the couple is paying for the wedding themselves and not relying on money from their parents. But even when someone else is paying, grooms are getting more involved in the planning and decision-making processes of their weddings. Now it looks like people are starting to market to grooms also. There is now a company on the Internet, “The Man Registry”, that caters to grooms. The site has a wedding gift registry with camping equipment, tools, sports related items and electronics. It also has a section of articles about showers, weddings and honeymoons for the groom to read.

The website is heavily loaded with Google Ads, which might annoy you, but take a look at the site and see if some of the information would help would be helpful in your work with grooms. As far as using the gift registry, it might be better for couples to point their family and friends to registries of more widely-known stores such as Target, Home Depot or even if they want to find items geared towards men.

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