Help Brides “Think Outside The Box” When Planning Their Weddings


In my last post I told you that celebrity wedding planner David Tutera’s advice to new wedding planners was to get brides to “think outside the box” and get them away from having cookie cutter weddings. One of the best ways to do this is to get them to add personal touches to their weddings.

If you’ not sure how to accomplish this, take a look at the September/October 2012 edition of Bridal Guide magazine. One article features 50 tips on how to personalize a wedding.

Here are 5 of their tips along with suggestions on how they can be carried out:

1) Find a venue that is meaningful to the bride and groom or suits their taste and style

A wedding and reception needn’t be in a traditional wedding site. Private and/or historic homes are available for weddings as are museums, aquariums, baseball stadiums, zoos, planetariums, theaters, and many other places. Think about your couple’s theme and their personality and suggest something unique.

2) Forget traditional tableware and linens

Not every wedding must have fine china and sparkling crystal. Think about the theme. It may lend itself to colorful plates, colorful stemware, and centerpieces of items, other than flowers, that reflect the theme.

3) Let the food reflect the couple’s personality

Include a dish from the bride’s or groom’s heritage, serve the food the couple ate at their first date, or have the caterer whip up an old family recipe that can be added to the menu.

4) Let the bridal bouquet be as unique as the bride herself

Include flowers from the bride’s home state or that her mother or grandmother might have carried in their bouquets. Wrap the bouquet in fabric from a mother’s wedding gown or a father’s military uniform. Or, instead of a bouquet of fresh flowers, have a brooch bouquet made of vintage brooches from the family. Your bride can also get a bouquet made of fabric, buttons, cloth or paper. These are eco-friendly choices that are also lasting keepsakes.

5) Make the cake stand out

All of the reality shows featuring amazing cake designers have made it possible for brides everywhere to “think outside the box” when it comes to their wedding cakes. Cakes can be works of art that can reflect a couple’s style while being good to eat.

And don’t forget the groom’s cake. It can be any shape and reflect the groom’s favorite hobby, for example, it can look like a tackle box if the groom likes to fish. It can be served at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself.

If you need more inspiring ideas, check out the magazine.


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