It’s Not Just Experience That Gets A Bride To Hire You As Her Wedding Planner


If you’re new wedding planner, you might think you don’t have a chance when you know a bride is interviewing some more experienced planners besides you. But, believe it or not, it’s not always the most experienced wedding planner who gets hired by a bride. Yes, experience is a determining factor and you need it, but it goes beyond that. A bride also has to feel the planner “gets her,” in other words, understands what she needs, can be trusted to deliver what she wants, and will be easy to work with.

Here are 5 tips that will help you convey to brides that you have what it takes:

Prior to an interview

1) Do your research

Learn all you can about the brides in your niche, who they are, their professions, what they do in their spare time, where they shop, what they read, the types of men their grooms are, their wedding budgets, and the types of weddings they want. This will help you understand them better and that will come across in your marketing and your interviews.

During an interview

2) Show respect

Be on time and be organized. Review any notes you have from previous contacts and be sure you have the correct name of her fiance.

3) Show confidence

You have done your homework, marketed your services wel,l and, out of many wedding planners, a bride has chosen you as one of the ones she wants to meet, that fact should make you feel positive about yourself. Watch your body language, be sure to smile and make eye contact.

4) Ask the right questions

Your questions should give her an opportunity to express her concerns and needs. You can share a few insights and ideas but make sure you listen more than you speak.

5) Be fully present

If you find your mind wandering, worrying about what to say next, what the bride thinks of you, or how much you should charge, quickly bring your focus back to the bride.

When a bride sees that you are a professional who listens well, understands what she wants, and is willing to work hard to help her have the wedding of her dreams, she just may chose you over someone with more years of experience.


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