Let Brides Know Who You Are


When I have conversations with new wedding planners, the subject often goes to their websites. Recently, I noticed that many new planners have left their name and information off of their sites. They speak only about “the company;” what “the company” has done for other brides and what it can do for them.

While it’s right to brand the name of your business in your marketing, you also need to share the name, and the face, behind your business.

Wedding planning is a very personal service. For a bride to hire you, she needs to get a chance to know and like you, she needs to feel like you are the person she can trust to help her have the wedding she wants.

She can’t get to know you if she doesn’t even know your name.

So, while you don’t need to put your name and face on the Home Page of your wedding business website or blog, be sure it appears at least on your “About” page where you can also share information about your qualifications and the benefits of your expertise.

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