Make Sure Wedding Vendors Have Proper Permits


Recently a wedding venue (a ranch) got into trouble because it didn’t have the proper permits from their local Planning Commission to run events onsite. The people who owned the venue refunded deposits to the couples who had reservations and are currently only allowing friends and family to hold their weddings there.

This reminded me that we all need to check the vendors with whom we do business or to whom we refer business to make sure they have the proper permits, licenses and insurances. This is especially important when it comes to venues. You don’t want to have to tell a couple they need to move their wedding after they have sent out invitations and made all their plans.

Some other vendors who need special permits and licenses are caterers, bartending companies, tent rental companies, parking valets and pyrotechnic specialists. Be thorough and interview your vendors before recommending them, your reputation rides on it.

And, by the way, you do have a business license and business insurance, don’t you?

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