Making Your Action Plan for a Successful Wedding Planning Business Work


Wedding Planner Checks Her Schedule

In my last three posts I wrote the steps to creating a successful wedding planning business in 2010. If you followed along, you were reviewing your accomplishments, deciding what action you wanted to take, and setting goals and making plans.

The best way to assure that you will get your action plans completed is to schedule time to do it. I know it may sound unnecessary since you know what you want to do, but unless it is on your calendar, meaning written into your paper planner or entered into your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, or other device, you probably won’t get around to doing it. Then, at the end of the year, you may find that you were not as successful as you had hoped you would be.

Here is an example of a scheduling your plans:

Action Plan – Market online to gain visibility and trust

1. Blog more consistently – 2 to 3 times a week

Block off 25 to 35 minutes on your calendar on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (or whichever days you chose) to complete this task.

2. Comment on other blogs

You might want to take some time to read and comment on other blogs while you are writing your blog posts. If so, add 15 to 30 minutes to your blogging time, depending on how long it takes you to do this.

3. Write and post at least one article a week that provides tips and advice to couples planning weddings

Black out an hour of time on days that you don’t blog, for instance Tuesdays, to write articles and post them on your own website and/or wedding article sites such or, if you are in England, There are also general article sites such as where you can post wedding-related articles. Articles will help you establish credibility and posting them on other sites will give you visibility beyond your own website and blog.

4. Keep your website up-to-date

You don’t have to do daily maintenance on your site but you should keep it up-to-date with the latest testimonials and photos so schedule an hour a month to update it.

5. Maintain your social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever additional sites you have found to connect with potential clients and business partners.

 Schedule an hour a day, Monday through Friday, to do this. Be sure to block the time out on your calendar.

Now go through your other goals and block out time on your calendar to complete the action items. They will get done, even while you are busy doing the work of planning weddings, if you schedule them.

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3 Responses to “Making Your Action Plan for a Successful Wedding Planning Business Work”


    Great article – I should follow your advice, but I always find there’s an email to answer when I’ve planned to blog (I know, I shouldn’t look!) Fantastic advice here.
    Thank you for mentioning my site too – all relevant wedding submissions very, very welcome.


    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for the comments.

    Please send her your relevant wedding articles, it’s a great way to get additional visibility for your business.


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