Marketing for Wedding Planners – 12 Wedding Topics That Will Attract New Brides


Wedding Planners Can Attract Newly Engaged Brides With Their Wedding Expertise

This is an exciting time of year for you! As a wedding planner you have the opportunity to connect with many newly engaged brides. But I noticed recently that many new wedding planners reach out with a sales message. Their tweets, Facebook posts, and blog posts are little more than requests for brides to contact them if they need a wedding planner. Trouble is, many brides believe these myths about wedding planning – that they can do it well themselves, that all they need are helpful family members and bridesmaids, and that professional wedding planners are too expensive.

To capture a bride’s attention, don’t just pitch your services, show brides that you are an expert on everything concerning weddings so they see that you can be of invaluable assistance to them.

Instead of just asking them to contact you if they need a wedding planner, share information on topics that are of interest to newly engaged brides in your niche.

Here are 12 topics you can start with:

1 ) Things to do when a bride first gets engaged (read my previous blog post about this)

2 ) The top wedding trends of 2013

3 ) Tips for selecting the right wedding date

4 ) Hottest new wedding dresses

5 ) Tips for selecting bridesmaid dresses

6 ) Bust myths about wedding planning (or hiring wedding planners)

7 ) Save-the-date ideas

8 ) Tips for choosing wedding vendors – wedding planner, photographer, cake designer, caterer, etc.

9 ) How to get the most out of a bridal fair

10) How to trim a wedding guest list

11) Selecting a wedding venue – indoors versus outdoors and full service versus being able to select your own vendors

12) Wedding theme ideas

If you aren’t good at writing about some of these topics, don’t be afraid to share information from articles you have read, just be sure you give proper credit to the writer or share a link to the article itself.

Put a “call to action” at the end of your message and tell brides to visit your blog or website or, if you will be at a bridal fair, suggest they meet you there.

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