Networking Your Wedding Planning Business


How are your networking skills? Today, we get so accustomed to “meeting” and “talking” to people online at social networking sites that we approach meeting and talking in person with some hesitancy. Don’t be shy! The way you will meet most of your clients is through the people you know either socially or professionally. You want to be able to talk to them about your wedding planning business and, of course, listen to them talk about themselves and their businesses.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal listed steps people who are shy can take to get over their fear of networking:

  • Start with people you are already comfortable talking to, relatives and friends.
  • Don’t apologize for taking up their time. If people want to take the time to talk to you, they will. If people are to busy to talk, they will tell you.
  • Prepare in advance what you want to tell people about yourself and your business. Let them know your passion for what you do and the types of clients you are looking for.

You can read the entire article at It was written for people applying for jobs but the information is relevant for entrepreneurs as well.

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