Personalized Wedding Favors


Personalized wedding favors are a great special touch.  A fun, edible favor I found is custom photo printed M&M’s.  You select a candy color then have a photo, perhaps of the bride and groom, printed on it in black and white.  (There are instructions on their website on how to take a photo that will look good on an M&M.) You mix them with candies printed with custom messages, then select the packaging of your choice.  Check out their website for more information.

Another candy you can personalize is Dove chocolate.  You write up to four personal messages that are printed inside the foil candy wrappers, then select the color of the foil wrappers and the type of packaging you want.  Read more about it at

Over at Hershey’s Chocolate, you can order kisses with a “Just Married” tag.  Not as personal, but still fun.  See them at

Due to the heat, you probably don’t want to order chocolate for Summer weddings but they would work well for the Fall and Winter weddings you may be working on now.

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