Starting a Wedding Planning Business – Are you an "Online Celebrity"?


With cell phones that can take photos and record video and the abundance of inexpensive pocket video recorders, it is easy to be caught on tape. You may have been filmed by some of your friends and family and become a celebrity. If your video was posted on the Internet, there is a good chance a client will find it when they “Google” you. While it is a good thing to have a presence on the Internet, it is not good if you are shown in a situation that implies you lack judgment or professionalism.

Don’t post any information, photos or videos of yourself that you may later regret. If someone has posted something unflattering about you on the Internet, be ready to address the issue if a prospect or client brings it up. And, of course, never take photos or videos of your clients without their permission and don’t post anything unflattering about them.

If you want to be an “online celebrity”, control and create your own content to place on the Internet. Many professionals are using “social networking” sites such as MySpace and Facebook, to sell themselves and their products, you can do the same.

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