Starting a Wedding Planning Business – Helping the Career-Focused Bride


The July/August 2008 issue of Pink magazine has an article on how busy career women can plan their weddings. Two of the women mentioned in the article used wedding planners. They discovered how valuable it was for them to have someone else doing all the legwork and taking care of details, such as travel for out-of-town guests, in addition to coordinating the entire wedding day.

Professional women often have more money to spend on their weddings and have a lot less time. They are accustomed to delegating work and more likely to hire a wedding planner than someone who has not yet built a career and might find planning her own wedding fun. These women are also likely to be demanding. They don’t have time to surf the internet and do multiple interviews to find someone they want. Instead, they will look for referrals from friends and peers at work. They will expect their planners to handle the minutiae and rely on them to have good judgment. I’ve worked with many professional women and they are excellent clients.

If you think you would love working with the career-focused bride, do some research and create a marketing strategy that would help you capture this niche.

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