Starting a Wedding Planning Business – Whose Wedding Business is it Anyway?


When you first start your business, it may be difficult to come-up with the photos and information you need to create an attractive portfolio, marketing brochure or website. Some new planners “borrow” text and photos from the sites of experienced event planners, florists, photographers, caterers or from magazines. Please don’t do this. The professionals whose work you may be tempted to copy put their hearts, souls, creativity, time and money into their art. It is not right to steal from them, it isn’t legal or ethical.

If you need help writing copy, hire a professional from an Internet site such as craigslist or elance. Find royalty-free or low-cost stock photographs on the Internet and use them until you have photos from your events. Also, be sure to ask permission from the bride and groom if you decide to put their photos or names on any of your marketing materials. If a photographer took the photos, you must ask them for permission also.

Don’t be a copycat. Get known for your style, your level of professionalism and the special touch you give to your events, and your business will thrive.

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