Steal Wedding Planning Ideas from This Television Show – "Masters of Reception"


Planning a Wedding and Need to Include Cats? Read How You Can

I just finished watching an episode of Masters of Reception, a new show on the TLC television network that you will inspire you and help you learn more about what it takes to plan weddings.

The show features the Frungillo family who own four upscale venues in New Jersey at which they make dream weddings come true.  With their staff they plan the food, flowers, cake, and anything their couples request.  You’ll see how they handle special requests and emergencies and pick up tips for your own business.  For example:

  • One couple wanted to include their cats in their wedding day.  Cats would not be able to be present at the reception so the Frungillos had a photographer take pictures of the cats dressed as a bride and groom.  The pictures were beautifully framed and given prominent places at the venue during the party.
  • They had an artist paint a mural of the wedding reception while it was taking place.  It was done by the end of the event and given to the bride and groom.
  • The bride forgot to tell the DJ the name of an important song she wanted played during her father-daughter dance.  Turns out the DJ did not have it with him.  The Frungillos quickly went online and downloaded a copy from the Internet onto a CD and gave it to the DJ.  (Of course it is best that you confirm with the bride, in advance, that she has given the information to the DJ but emergencies do happen.)

The series premiered last night  (I had “TIVO”ed it to watch tonight) but it will be replayed throughout the week.  Check your television listings or the TLC website.

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