Success Tips for Starting Your Wedding Planning Business


Wedding Planner Meeting with Her Clients

Event Designer Ryan Hanson left his corporate job and opened his event design company, BeEvents, in 2007.  In the July 2009 issue of Event Solutions magazine, he shared his strategies for success.  I thought his information would help you so here they are along with some comments of my own:

  • Be aware of market demand and let it guide you in developing your business.  Ryan started out thinking he would be a freelance event planner, he ended up being in demand as a designer.  You might start out as a wedding planner and end up as a wedding floral designer.  Be open to possibilities!
  • Give great service.  Ryan doesn’t give clients his vision of their event and doesn’t just give the them their description of their event.  He takes their vision and uses his expertise to give them an ideal event, better then they ever imagined it could be.
  • Be an expert, don’t try to be everything to everyone.  In other words, develop an area of expertise, learn everything you can, and become known as the “go-to” person on that area.
  • Hire a good team.  The vendors in your network and the staff that you hire to work with you should fill in any gaps in expertise that you have.
  • Know that somethings just won’t get done.  As any entrepreneur knows, you can work 24/7 and still feel you don’t have enough time.  My tip – keep focused when you work and strive of excellence, not perfection.

If you have tips that are helping you be successful as you start your wedding planning business, please feel free to share them by adding a comment to this blog post.

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