Targeting The Low Budget Bride


New wedding planners often tell me they plan to target the low budget bride. Usually this is either because they have had some recent experience planning a wedding for a friend or family member who was not able to have the wedding she wanted because of her budget. Or because, as a new planner, they think low budget brides are the only ones who will hire them.

These new planners hope to work with other wedding professionals to offer low priced packages. They even sometimes have plans to help the brides finance their weddings by offering loans.

Does this sound like something you have considered doing?

You should help brides make the most of their budgets and it would be great to be able to help all brides, no matter what their financial circumstances. However, helping a bride with a very low budget, or no budget at all, would not be a way for you to make living as a professional wedding planner. You will be working very hard for very little money. You could even find yourself giving a lot of your time and expertise away for free to help the brides cut their costs. And please don’t even consider making loans!

You deserve to be successful and earn what you are worth for your skills as a wedding planner. In order to do this, you need to plan weddings for brides who have the budget and the desire to hire you and pay you what you are worth.

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