Praise for the eBook, Become a Top Wedding Planner – Start a Successful Wedding Planning Business.

 Learn to Become a Wedding Planner


  ” . . . a wealth of information for new and seasoned planners. . .”


I am writing today to let you know that I am really enjoying the E-Book.  It has a wealth of information for new and seasoned planners.

It is definitely one of the best pieces of work I’ve read so far and I have seen countless information on becoming a wedding planner.  Anyone looking to enter the industry should without a doubt purchase your book.

Tonya Sims


I purchased your ebook Start a Successful Wedding Planning Business.  This ebook has been a wealth of information to me.

Karen Nottingham


I couldn’t stop reading your e-book once I received it!  Something about it just made me stay up all night!! There’s nothing more powerful than information and now I feel more confident because I have the right one.

I am so thankful for having someone like you in my corner. As a new wedding designer, I realized I have much to learn. Your book was the first step of many…

Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Nidia Pina


“…this information is invaluable…”


You have become my “Shero” since I first ordered the pdf file.

I am having a wonderful time!  I have acquired my 2nd Bridal contract.  I printed out the material I got from you, labelled and tabbed it, and carry it with me everyday.  I also print out the forms before I go meet with my bride, and/or vendors … this info is invaluable.

Thank you!

Debra Simon-Filmore


“Your ebook has helped me more than my course…”


I just want to say the information provided with the Ebook is SO helpful.

I am currently doing a Diploma in Wedding Planning and the information that you have provided has helped me more then the Diploma!

Cassie Hewitt


I just wanted to thank you and I am very glad that I made the purchase!

First I want to say thank you for sharing these wonderful tips. Your ebook has helped me more than my course.

Jillian Chandler


The information you have provided in the ebook has been very rewarding. I was even able to see things that I have been doing right and some that I haven’t.

Lece T

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