The Consequence of Not Offering Unique Wedding Planning Services


Does your wedding planning business stand out among others? How unique are the services you offer on your website, blog, and brochures?

Here’s a little test. Look at the websites of other wedding planning businesses in your area. Ignore color, design, and logos, and concentrate on the content.

Ask these questions while reviewing the pages:

Home Page – Who is the bride they are speaking to? Can you figure out their niche, the brides whom they are targeting with their marketing? Or are they speaking to any and every bride?

Services – What services is each business offering and what are they saying are the benefits of those services?

Packages – What packages are being offered?

About Me – What information do they give about themselves and their businesses?

Did you find that a lot of the sites gave similar information and offered similar services and packages?

Imagine a bride surfing the Internet and coming across these sites. If they appear to be offering the same things, the way she will select is by PRICE!

Now, take an honest, objective look at your own website compared to the others. Are your services and packages similar, or do you stand out as a wedding planner who is targeting a special niche, has unique services and packages, and is an expert at what you do?

Congratulations if you stand out as unique.

If you don’t, take the time to review the services and packages you offer, change them to meet the desires and needs of your niche, then upgrade your website and other marketing materials to include your changes.

You want be the wedding planner who has something special to offer a specific niche of brides, then price will not be the determining factor in getting hired.

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