3 Top Wedding Design Trends for 2013


Wedding Design Trend for 2013 - Boho Chic

As a wedding planner you need to be up on the latest ideas for wedding design. Event Solutions magazine interviewed some of the top event rental companies and asked what they thought would be the trends for event design in 2013 and here are 3 of their predictions:

1) Boho Chic

Bohemian mixtures of color and texture from the fashion world will play a big role in wedding and event decor. An example is the gypsy chandelier above. (This one is from HighFashionHome.com.)

 Wedding Trend for 2013 - Lace

2) Lace

Getting inspiration from lace dresses at New York fashion shows, tables will be covered with lace like this pewter overlay above from Apres Party and Tent Rental which was featured in the article.

Wedding Trend 2013 - Vintage Furniture

3) Vintage decor will still be popular

The magazine believes that weddings and special events will still have touches of vintage decor, especially vintage furniture. This vintage sofa is a rental from Found-Vintage Rentals.

Take the time to learn what items are available for rent in your area and go beyond event rental companies, check theatrical prop houses, ask the venues you work with if they have anything besides the standard linens and tables and talk to the florists and caterers in your network. You may be pleasantly surprised by the items they can provide to your brides.

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