Wedding Planner Q&A “How Do I Write a Tagline for a Wedding Planning Business?”


Write a tagline for a wedding planning business

When you first become a wedding planner, creating a tagline for your new business probably isn’t at the top of your list of things to do. But a tagline is actually a great way for you to quickly tell potential clients who you are and what you do, especially if the name of your business doesn’t make it clear that you’re a wedding planner.

Here’s a question from a new wedding planner who is ready to write a great tagline.


I started a wedding planning business and I need a tagline. How do I write one? Please guide me because I am new.


It’s a great idea to have a tagline, it can tell people about your business and your benefits and differentiate you from other wedding planners. A good one is short, catches the attention of potential clients and is memorable.

These 6 steps will help you create a great tagline:

1) List every word that you can think of that describes your business and the services you offer

Examples – plan, organize, design, consult, coordinate, help, etc.

2) List all the ways your services benefit your brides and grooms

Examples – save time, save money, relieve them of wedding planning stress, help them have the weddings they envision, etc.

3) List your unique abilities and services

What do you know how to do or what can you offer that makes you different from others who plan weddings or from couples trying to DIY?

Examples – you have a background as a florist and can help with wedding decor, you have a background in catering and can assist with menu selection, etc.

4) List the different names you would use to describe your clients

Examples – brides, grooms, couples, gay couples, black brides, Asian brides, Christian couples, etc.

5) Brainstorm

Using words from your lists, put together some taglines. You can also get ideas from websites of others in the wedding industry, but please don’t copy anyone else. Your tagline must be unique.

6) Test

Take your best taglines and ask friends for their opinions and suggestions. This will help you see if your tagline is simple, easy to understand, easy to say and makes it clear why a bride should hire you.

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