Wedding Planner Q & A – “Should I Join An Association for Wedding Planners?”


5 Benefits of Wedding Planner Associations

With all the other things you have to pay for in your wedding planning business, is it worth the time and money to join an association for  wedding planners? Today’s Q&A gives you some benefits to consider.


Should I join a wedding and event planner association?


It’s difficult to to give a definite “Yes’ or “No” without knowing specific information about you and your wedding planning business but here are 6 things joining an association can provide for you when you are new:

1) Credibility

Brides know that only professional wedding planners who are serious about their businesses would invest the money and time needed to participate in an association.

2) Opportunities to network with experienced wedding planners

I love going to conferences and being able to talk to others around the world about this business. When you are new you’ll find that many are very willing to share advice and tips at annual conferences because they feel less competitive when you don’t do business in their area.

3) Opportunities to network with other wedding vendors

Vendors who want to have mutually beneficial business relationships and exchange referrals with wedding planners join these associations, so you will be meeting only vendors who are eager to do business with you.

 4) Education from top wedding professionals

Associations usually have annual conferences in which guest speakers are celebrity wedding planners and other professionals from around the world who generously share their knowledge.

5) Access to professional discounts

Many associations have partners who offer discounts on things such as professional wedding planner software, web design, health insurance, and professional fees from accountants and attorneys who specialize in working with those in the wedding and event business.

6) Leads

There are brides and others who seek out members of associations to hire to plan and design their events so you may get referrals just from being a member of the association – although this should not be a primary reason for joining.

Do your homework before joining any organization and make sure it offers you the benefits you want. However, unless you are willing to put in the time and money to attend meetings, conferences, and educational sessions, you won’t reap the benefits of being a member so think carefully before you join.

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