Wedding Planner Q&A – “Can I Ask a Bride to Provide Meals for My Team on the Wedding Day?”


Wedding Planners Need To Put Meals into Their Contracts

You’re busy managing a wedding on the Big Day but you can’t go forever without taking breaks and getting some nourishment.


How do I negotiate with a bride for food and beverage for my team and me on the wedding day? Do I include this as a clause in my contract?


Yes, you need to have this as part of your contract. You and your team will be working a very long day and you’ll need to eat. You can’t assume a bride will automatically provide meals.

Here are 7 tips about meals on the day of the wedding:

1) Take the time to have a nourishing meal, this doesn’t mean a sugary coffee drink and donut, before you start working. It could be a long time before you get an opportunity to eat again.

2) Take some fruit or protein bars with you so you can have a quick bite if you get hungry.

3) If a bride has purchased meals for you and your team, find out where they will be served. Venues often prepare a table in the back of the reception room or in a separate room where you and other vendors can eat.

4) Realize that you may not be eating the same meal as guests. Very often the caterer will prepare boxed lunches with sandwiches for vendors. These are easier and quicker to eat when you are working and they are easier on the bride’s budget. (Remember, she may also be feeding the photographer, videographer, DJ, and band.)

5) Stagger your team’s meals so there is always someone available at the reception. If you are leaving the immediate area to eat, let your team know how to reach you.

6) You and your team are not guests. Don’t drink alcohol and don’t join guests on the dance floor unless specifically invited by the bride at the end of the night. Remember, you’re there to work.

7) Make sure your team also knows the rules. When I was new I hired someone at the last minute to take the place of a regular team member. She expected to be able to eat the reception food prior to the guests arriving and she assumed she would be able to take home leftovers!

Don’t be shy about requesting meals in your contract. Brides really don’t want you working, quite possibly 10 to 12 hours straight, without eating, they just don’t always think about offering meals to you themselves.

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