Wedding Planner Q&A – “Can I Do Online Marketing Before I Start My Business?”


Online Marketing for Wedding Planners

Many wedding planners start their businesses then try to find ways to market them. But a better way is to actually market your business before you start it. In my Q&A today, I tell you how you can do that.


I’m just starting up my wedding planning business. Do I need to wait until I get my first client before I start marketing online?


No, not at all. In fact, you can and should start creating a presence online even before you start a business. It takes time for search engines to pick up your content and for potential clients to find you, so the earlier you start becoming visible online, the better your chances of having early success.

Here are 4 ways you can create online visibility:

1) Start a blog

Blogs attract search engines. When you start a blog and begin posting content with keywords that are relevant to the brides you want, the search engines rank you and make it easy for potential clients to discover your blog.

Even though you may not have a paying client, you can offer wedding planning ideas and etiquette tips and write about the latest wedding trends. You can also talk about the services you plan to offer and ask readers for additional suggestions for services they want.

2) Start a Facebook Business Page

Set up a Page for your business and post links to the content on your blog. Visit other wedding and bridal Pages and share information and photos from their timelines that would be of interest to potential clients. Invite brides to make comments and “Like” your posts so you can learn more about them.

3) Start a Twitter account for your business

Tweet links to your blog posts and share tips and links to articles you find on other blogs that would be of interest to your future brides.

Follow local businesses that are involved with weddings such as event venues, wedding photographers, caterers, bridal shops, florists, and cake designers. Retweet interesting information they share and ask questions that would help you learn more about their services and help them get to know you. They may then follow you, want to know more about your business, and want to become a part of your network.

4) Start a Pinterest business account

A business account offers analytics so you can find out which pins get the most repins and who pins them. You then know what to pin in the future to attract more interest.

If you have a personal Pinterest account you can easily convert it to a business account or you can create a separate one for your wedding planning business.

It makes perfect sense to start you online marketing right away so you can get to know your potential clients and let them get to know you.

And if you have a pressing question about starting or running your wedding planning business, you can send me an email at I will answer them on this blog or in my ezine, “Wedding Planner Tips,” which you can subscribe to here.

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