Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Create a Portfolio for a Wedding Planner Internship?”


Tips for Becoming a Wedding Planner Intern

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get professional experience planning weddings, you might consider getting work as an intern like the wedding planner-to-be in my Q&A today.


I want to get an internship with an experienced wedding planner. I haven’t planned many weddings before, so how do I put together a portfolio to show on my interviews?


Don’t feel like you need to have a lot of experience planning weddings or a big portfolio in order to get an internship. Wedding planners are well aware that you want to be an intern because you want to get experience planning weddings, in fact many prefer that you not have any bad habits that you may have picked up from your own experience.

If you have planned some weddings and other types of events for friends and family members, put together a portfolio of photos that highlight your best work and make sure you’re able to explain what you did to make the events special.

However, before you even meet with wedding planners to show them your portfolio, you may need to send in a resume and it’s important that you use it highlight these 8 important skills, experience and professional qualities:

1) Great verbal and written communication skills

You may have to place calls to vendors and clients on behalf of the wedding planner so you’ll need to able to speak in a professional, business-like manner.

Written communication skills are equally important. Wedding planners often want their interns to help them post to their social media accounts and write their blog posts.

2) Computer skills

A wedding planner might ask you to write letters, create budget spreadsheets and maybe even create some simple table signs and escort cards so knowledge of Microsoft Office tools and some design software is important.

3) Customer service experience

Experience in this area will mean you understand how to be sympathetic with stressed and emotional brides and are able to work with them in a calm manner.

4) Sales experience

While not required by every wedding planner, most appreciate an intern who understands the need to grow the business and is able to encourage brides to purchase additional services when they see a need.

5) Very detail oriented

You must be someone who won’t miss any of the small details of planning a wedding.

6) Very organized

You will be asked to help organize of all of the details of a wedding.

7) Willing to work hard

You should be willing to take on any job, no matter how large or small, and be ready to work flexible hours. Also, be prepared to take initiative, recognize what needs to be done and do it without needing to be told what to do.

8) Passion

Wedding planners want interns who are excited about planning weddings so make sure you express that in your cover letter.

Even though you probably won’t be paid for your internship, be sure you’re clear that you’ll be getting the type of experience you want before you accept a position. While you may spend time doing small tasks such as counting dirty champagne glasses and boxing them to return to party rental, you’ll also want to get some experience working closely with brides and wedding vendors, running rehearsals and managing guests, vendors and decor setup on a wedding day.

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