Wedding Planner Q&A – “Where Do I Find Classroom Training for Wedding Planning and Design?”


Wedding Planners Can Learn Skills From Professional Florists, Caterers and Experienced Wedding Planners

There are many online wedding planner educational programs available but if you learn best in a classroom situation, consider one of the suggestions I offer a new wedding planner in this week’s Q&A.


I have been “planning weddings” (by planning weddings I mean, I do wedding cakes, reception hall decorating, and bridal floral), on and off for over 15 years. I am not a professional by any means, but my work is very good and I’ve received business from word-of-mouth.

Where can I go to get professional wedding planning and design skills so I can start my own business? There aren’t any schools like this in my area and I don’t want an Internet class.


Sounds like you have years of experience not only in planning weddings but also in cake design, wedding design, and wedding floral. You may very well be producing professional quality events and not even realize it. I hope you have photographs and testimonials that you may use in your portfolio and website.

Experience is a great teacher, but if you want to also take courses in wedding and event design, and there are no local schools, here are 4 options to research in your area:

1) High-end cake designers and florists often teach classes in which you can learn some of the tricks of the trade. Check with some of the professionals in your area whom you know book large events.

2) Top wedding planners and designers have apprenticeship programs that teach planning and design. They have their apprentices help them with real weddings to get hands-on experience. Find out if these programs are available to you.

3) The International Special Events Society (ISES) and many wedding planner associations have conferences in which they bring wedding and event experts together and teach many aspects of wedding planning and design, in addition to how to succeed in business. Check local chapters of ISES and other associations for more information.

4) Courses in floral design and interior design can teach you a lot that you will find useful for planning and designing weddings. Check community colleges and adult education programs to find out if anything is available in your area.

I know you prefer taking a class in person but you might want to consider an online or home study course. While they don’t typically offer opportunities for hands-on experience, they can provide a background in the principles of professional wedding planning and/or design that you need.

When you do start your business, decide what aspect of weddings you want to specialize in, either planning, event decor, or floral or cake design. It’s easier to market your services and attract clients when you are an expert in one area, you can expand your business as you get more clients.

And you can learn more about starting and running your wedding planning business in my Free Special Report “7 Steps to Becoming a Top Wedding Planner.” You can get it here.

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