Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Get Other Wedding Vendors To Respect Me?”


 How to Get Other Wedding Vendorsd To Respect You

As a wedding planner, it seems like other wedding vendors would flock to you because you could be a great source of business for them. However this isn’t was always the case. I talk about this today in my Q&A.

I’m pretty new to wedding planning, but I have planned some weddings. I have a few vendor contacts but some whom I meet don’t seem to want to work with new planners. They don’t take me seriously. What do I do?

Unfortunately, seasoned wedding vendors have encountered too many new planners who are doing it as a hobby and don’t take their work seriously, don’t do high-quality work, expect deep discounts for their brides, and expect them, as established vendors, to just hand over referrals. So don’t be surprised if some of them don’t jump at the chance to work with you when you first introduce yourself to them. You need to earn trust and respect from vendors as much as you do your brides.

Here are 4 ways you can do that:

1)    Educate yourself about the wedding and event industry

Be able to hold conversations about planning weddings and current wedding trends and learn enough about the work other wedding professionals do to be able to ask intelligent questions. You want to be able to show that you have taken the time to become the expert you need to be to have a successful business.

2)    Present yourself and your business in a professional manner

When you meet with other vendors, dress in business attire, be on time, greet them with a handshake, make eye contact, and be a good listener.

Bring business cards and marketing materials to share with them that have been professionally produced. Nothing should look it came off your ink jet printer right before you ran out the door.

3)    Be honest about your experience and skills

Don’t exaggerate what you have done or know how to do. Some new planners do this because they think it helps them get referrals, but people in the business can tell whether or not you know that you are doing.

4)    Give them time to get to know you

They probably won’t feel motivated to offer you referrals and discounts when you first meet them, so don’t even ask. Exchange contact information and offer to meet again to review each other’s portfolios and learn how you can do business together.

Experienced wedding planners know that other wedding vendors contribute to the success of their business. These planners treat them with respect so they are treated the same way in return.

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