Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Know How Many Flowers To Buy?”


Wedding Planners Work With Other Wedding Vendors To Plan Weddings

Are you tempted to carry out tasks for a bride that you have not done before? While there is a first time for everything, you always want to make sure the bride gets high-quality service. That might mean you need the help of others, as you will read in today’s Q&A.


I’m planning a wedding for my first client. How many flowers do I buy for the wedding?


I often receive questions very similar to the one you are asking and they are not only about flowers, but also about other wedding details. Because I’m not a part of the conversations with the brides and don’t know anything about the weddings, it’s not possible for me to answer questions like these.

I understand that when you are new, you are very eager to get your first clients. It may be very tempting to offer to perform tasks that utilize experience and skills which you haven’t yet developed, such as the ability to help with floral design. However, it’s best not to do this. You could ruin a bride’s wedding by not doing a quality job and if word gets out that you did a poor job because you didn’t really know what you were doing, you won’t get any more clients.

As the wedding planner, you aren’t expected to do everything yourself. A bride typically hires a planner to find and manage the team she needs to have the wedding of her dreams, to take care of the wedding planning details, and to manage everything on the wedding day. You need to turn to other wedding professionals to handle the aspects of a wedding in which you are not the expert. (It’s important for you to develop a network of high-quality vendors.)

In your case, a professional florist will be able work with you and your bride to design the floral arrangements and bouquets needed for the wedding. You don’t need to worry about how many flowers you need to buy, let an expert handle it.

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