Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Start My Wedding Planning Business in a BIG Way?”


 How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

Are you getting ready to start your wedding planning business? This is the perfect time to do so since many couples got engaged over the holidays and will be interested in getting some help with planning their weddings.

In today’s Q&A I offer tips to a new planner who wants to start BIG.


I’m a beginner and I want to start BIG and do it very quickly. I’m having someone create my logo, website, and business cards. Can you help me decide on a name?

Also, how many people should I hire?


It’s very exciting to finally start your dream wedding planning business. It’s natural to feel like you want to get everything done quickly and have a big business. But, it’s important to realize that it’s easy to make the wrong choices, get burned out, fall into debt, and give up before real success comes when you rush into everything.

You need to be setting up a wedding planning business that will be financially successful for a long period of time and will allow you to enjoy the love and passion you have for weddings.

I want you to dream big and be very focused and organized when you start your business. Set yourself up for long term success as a wedding planner. You can start by using these tips:

1. Select your name after you have selected your niche

Before coming up with your name, think about the type of brides you want to serve and do some research to find out more about them. Learn who they are and what wedding planning services they would purchase. Then, with those brides in mind, determine a business name that would attract them.

2. Hire your graphic and web designers only after you have decided on your niche.

Your designers need to be able to work in a style that would appeal to your brides, so your need to know your target market first. Interview a few designers and check out their portfolios before you invest.

3. Hire staff only after you know the type of skills you need

If you are just starting your business, you don’t know yet what services brides want most from you and what type of help you will need. Hire only after you know exactly what you need your staff to do. Then interview and find people who have the skills, attitude, and commitment to customer service that you need and want.

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