Wedding Planner Q&A – “I’m Stuck In The Business World, How Do I Get Out?”


Want to be a wedding planner and stuck studying and doing something else??

The path to becoming a wedding planner isn’t always a direct one. Sometimes you take a few wrong turns before you get where you really want to be. But, all may not be lost, it could be that one of those wrong turns can help you have a more successful wedding planning business in the future.


I’m currently in school for a Business Administration degree. I’m taking courses such as accounting, economics, calculus, etc. I have ZERO interest in these subjects and don’t understand them. I am more of a creative/artsy/design person.

I really want to do something that utilizes my creative side, like wedding planning or interior design, but I keep getting discouraged by people saying things like “a creative degree won’t land a job, go into medicine, accounting or law.” I’m terrible in math and sciences plus I don’t have as much passion and excitement as I do when it comes to designing or doing anything creative.

I’m lost. What advice can you give me?


It’s unfortunate that you are studying for a degree in a subject which you don’t like or understand. I’m sure that makes it tough for you to be as successful in school as you would like to be and, if you get a your degree, it could be difficult get a job. Companies give jobs to people have passion for what they do and are good at it.

Many people think that if you pick a career in a conservative field such as medicine or accounting, you will easily find a job, but that is not true. There aren’t any fields of study that will automatically guarantee you a job.

You need to find out what type of work would really interest you. Do some research in careers in creative fields. You can, of course, learn more about being a wedding planner here on my blog and in my Wedding Planner Tips ezine, but also find out what it’s really like to be an interior designer, florist, or other creative professional. Once you learn exactly what people in these professions really do, you can make a better assessment of what you want.

Please understand that being a successful wedding planner takes much more than being creative. As a wedding planner, you’ll also need to be highly organized, have great oral and written communication skills, and know how to negotiate with your clients and vendors. You’ll need accounting skills to plan and balance your budget. And, don’t forget, you won’t get clients without proper marketing.

If you are close to getting your degree you may want to go ahead and finish. Keep the attitude that the business skills you learn will help to you be successful in your future creative business. If you have time, take a class in a creative area that interests you. Or find a wedding planner or interior designer who is willing to let you intern with them, in order to learn about the business. In the end, you’ll be well-equipped for business success.

And if you have a pressing question about starting or running your wedding planning business, you can send me an email at I will answer them on this blog or in my ezine, “Wedding Planner Tips,” which you can subscribe to here.

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