Wedding Planner Q&A – “Should I Let Brides Pay Me With PayPal?”


Wedding Planners Can Increase Business By Accepting Credit Cards

Do you only allow a bride to pay you with cash or a check? Offering alternative methods of payment may bring you some additional business. Learn about these different methods in today’s Q&A.


I’ve had some brides ask me if I take credit cards, I don’t because I heard it was expensive. I’m thinking of putting a link on my site to PayPal instead. This way they can pay with a card and I don’t have to really accept credit cards myself. Do you think this is a good idea?


Whether you accept credit cards directly or through PayPal, you will incur some processing charges. You need to think of these fees as part of the cost of doing business.

I suggest you first look into accepting credit cards yourself. Brides like the convenience of being able to use credit cards and may be more likely to hire you and buy additional services if they can charge it. Also, showing that you accept this form of payment conveys a message that you are a professional who is running a wedding planning business and not just planning weddings as a hobby.

Do some research and ask about merchant accounts at the bank where you have your business checking account, and research online credit card processing companies. They may have lower fees than your local bank.

Or, if you think you will be with your clients when you accept credit cards, consider a mobile card reader from Square, Intuit GoPayment, or PayPal. You sign up, download their app, attach their reader to your iPhone or Android phone, and you’re ready to accept credit cards anywhere you can get a phone signal. The money appears in your account a day or so later. (I am not affiliated with any of these companies.)

If you use PayPal to get paid for your wedding planning services, I wouldn’t recommend posting a link on your website. Since this will probably be a rather large sum of money, use a PayPal business account and create an invoice under the “Request Money” section of their website. You can then send the invoice via email to your bride from within your account. This will make the process appear more professional and private.

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