Wedding Planner Q&A – “What Classes Do I Take To Become A Wedding Planner?”


Learn The Classes To Take That Will Help You Become A Wedding Planner

If you are thinking about starting a wedding planning business in the future, my answer to today’s question will help you know what to study in school to increase your chances for success.


I’m still in school but I know I want to become a wedding planner. Can you tell me what classes I should take in college that will help me be successful?


Kudos to you for knowing what you want to do and for starting to take action to make it happen for you.

Whether you are still in school and want to be a wedding planner or interested in making wedding planning a second career, here are 7 types of classes that will help you be a success:

1) Business

I have often read that wedding planners should have degrees in business. Although this might give you the education you need to successfully run a business, I know that wedding planners have creative minds that might not enjoy pursuing a business major.

That said, it’s still important for you to take business classes that would teach you about writing a business plan and starting and running a successful business.

2) Bookkeeping

When you start your business you will need to keep track of your income and expenses, your profits and losses, and balance your business checking account. You also want to be able to help your brides with their wedding budgets.

3) Marketing

Brides won’t be able to find you unless you spend time marketing your services so it pays to learn all you can about online and offline marketing.

4) Sales

“Salesperson” is not a bad word! Learning how and why people buy and how to sell with integrity will help you be more successful.

5) Public Speaking

You don’t have to be planning to do formal presentations in order to benefit from classes in public speaking. These classes will help you be more confident when you run a booth in a bridal show, meet with a new bride, and when you need to give direction to a wedding party during rehearsal.

6) Event Management

Colleges are beginning to have programs that teach the basics of planning events. Although geared at corporate event planners, they can be helpful to you if you have never been involved in planning any events.

7) Drama

My favorite – because my degree is in Drama. I didn’t plan to be a wedding and event planner while I was in college but looking back, I realize how much all the classes I took to get my degree helped me do well.

Acting classes taught me to speak in front to people. Technical classes in costume, set and lighting design taught me about using fabric, color, space, furniture, and light to create different illusions and moods. Stage management taught me to organize and manage people and things. And, of course, in theater, as in a wedding, the event goes on as scheduled no matter what, so I also learned time management.

While I don’t suggest you major in drama as I did, consider taking some classes, as you learn how to prepare for a show, you will be learning lessons that will help you plan weddings.

For those of you who want to study but are not able to attend a college or university, adult education programs often offer evening classes in starting a business, bookkeeping, fashion, interior, floral and cake design, and other topics that would help you be a well-educated wedding planner who can offer intelligent advice to your brides. Check with your local community or recreation department to see what is available in your area.

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