Wedding Planner Q&A – “What Do I Do When a Bride Won’t Pay Me?”


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Unfortunately, it can happen when you have a wedding planning business, a bride doesn’t want to pay you or decides to take to the internet to air her gripes about you. All along you did your best for her, and you know it was good. It seems so unfair, and you think the best thing would be to get everything you’re entitled to and publicly give her a piece of your mind. But is it really best for you to do this? I tell you in my Q&A today.


I had a difficult bride who refused to pay me. Then she wrote some nasty comments about me on Facebook.

What can I do?


First, regarding the money.

Please make sure you don’t put yourself in a position again in which a client owes you money for a wedding or event that has already taken place. You should be collecting payment, in advance, for anything that you do and for any payments you must make to other wedding vendors on a bride’s behalf. Nothing should come out of your pocket while you wait for the next payment.

You didn’t mention how much you are owed. Weigh the cost of going after your money versus the amount of time and money it will cost you to get it. Make sure it’s not taking so much time and energy from you that you lose the ability to work with new brides who will value you and pay you what you are due.

If you do want to pursue payment, speak to an attorney who can advise you on the best course of action to take.

Regarding being wrongly exposed on Facebook, unfortunately, many people take to social media sites to air their gripes about other people, whether their gripes are legitimate or not. If they have posted anything on your own wall, you can delete it. However, you cannot remove anything from their wall.

I suggest you take the high road. Ignore what she posts about you because responding will just encourage additional negative comments and keep you hurt, bitter, and angry. A wedding planner with an attitude is never a success in business or in life.

When you have the courage to step out in the world and pursue your dream of being a wedding planner, you may face unfair criticism from people. Hang in and don’t allow them to stop you from getting what you want and becoming the top wedding planner you are meant to be.

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