Wedding Planner Q&A – “What Do I Say When a Bride Tells Me I’m Too Expensive?”


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No matter what you charge for your wedding planning services, you’re bound to meet a bride who tells you that your prices are too high. Today I provide tips on how you should reply to the comment.


What do I say when a bride tells me another planner offers the same services for half the rates that I charge? I think she is lying to get me to lower my prices.


I’m not surprised that a bride is saying this to you. Bridal magazines and do-it-yourself wedding planning books teach brides to “negotiate” with wedding vendors. Unfortunately, they often tell brides to get low prices, not find and hire good wedding professionals.

Here are the DO’s and DON’Ts of answering questions from brides who are “comparison shopping”:

DO stay calm

Today everyone wants to negotiate to get a good deal so don’t feel defensive or intimidated.

DON’T gossip about “the other planner”

Never launch into a discussion about another wedding planner’s prices and services. Don’t bad-mouth anyone and don’t try to compete, just stick to talking about what the bride needs and wants and how you can help her.

DO have a discussion with the bride

Services can appear to be the same but, in reality, can differ from wedding planner to wedding planner. Suggest to the bride that she tell you about her wedding vision so you can determine the services she needs before you discuss pricing.

DON’T automatically lower your rates

No matter how much you want a client, don’t drop your prices just because a bride tells you she thinks you’re too expensive. You deserve to be paid what you are worth. Get the bride away from a price discussion and into a discussion about the services she needs and how well you can met those needs.

DO make sure you always talk about the benefits of your services

Wedding planners often have websites that list services without providing information about their benefits or about their expertise in executing those services. As a result, a lot of planners look the same to a bride. Make sure you emphasize your benefits and highlight your unique abilities so brides are clear how you are different.

DON’T forget that not every bride will hire you

Some brides will not be able to afford your services and others will choose a different planner. It’s not personal so don’t feel hurt if they decide to hire someone else.

It’s possible that a bride will tell you that someone else is cheaper just to get a cheaper rate. If you really feel she is being dishonest, it’s best not take her on as a client. You don’t want to work with someone who treats people unfairly or resorts to dishonesty to get what she wants.

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