Wedding Planners – 12 Questions To Help You Define Your Ideal Bride


Wedding Planners -  Market To Your Ideal Bride

When you read interviews with wedding dress designers, you’ll notice that they are asked the question, “Who is the bride your collection is intended for?’

The designer will then describe who his/her bride is. They may say, for example, someone who is, “confident, wants to be the center of attention and wants glamor and lavish embellishment.” Or they might say they are designing for a bride who is, “a romantic who embraces her femininity and wants a dress that is classically elegant.”

They know who their bride is, they can describe her, and they design their gowns with her in mind.

Who is your bride? How would you describe her? What services have you, or will you, create for her that you know she will want?

Too many new wedding planners tell me their bride is a “busy career woman who can afford to hire a wedding planner.” That is too general. Go deeper and really pinpoint who your bride is because, as any top wedding planner can tell you, if you don’t have a well-defined idea of who you want as a client, your marketing will not appeal to very many brides and you will struggle with getting clients.

Here are 12 questions to answer that will help you define your ideal bride:

1 ) What is her approximate age?

2 ) Where does she live?

3 ) What type of work does she do? (Go beyond “she is a professional” to what she actually does for a living. Accountant? Attorney? Nurse? Financial Planner?)

4 ) What is her annual income?

5 ) What does she do for fun on her time off? Play sports? Go to the theater? Do crafts? Volunteer? Spend time with a social organization? Get specific information for each category.

6 ) Does she have a place of worship?

7 ) Where does she like to shop? (Department stores? Designer shops? Vintage boutiques?)

8 ) Does she entertain friends, give parties, or does she prefer to go out? If so, where?

9 ) How tech savvy is she?

10 ) Does she use social media? If so, does she prefer Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Pinterest?

11 ) What is her wedding budget and who is paying?

12 ) What are the top 3 nightmares she is having regarding planning her wedding?

As you answer these questions you will see that you are uncovering where you can meet your brides in your local community and online. You will be able to get to know them, find out the the services they need, then create and market the services to them that you know they want to buy.

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