Wedding Planners – 3 Beliefs That Are Stopping You From Becoming a Top Wedding Planner


Some Beliefs Might Stop Wedding Planners From Being Successful

As a new wedding planner, you might have beliefs that are stopping you from doing what is needed to be successful.

Here are 3 incorrect beliefs about running a wedding planning business along with the truths about each of them and the actions you can take to become a top wedding planner.

Belief #1 – If you are good at planning weddings, you won’t have trouble getting clients

The Truth - You can be the best wedding planner in the world, but if you don’t market you services correctly to a lucrative target market and don’t make a good impression on the brides you meet, you won’t get all of the clients you want.

So before you begin marketing your services, research and chose a niche of brides you can help who would hire a wedding planner and create the services and packages that they would buy. Then take the time to market these services to them.

When you meet with brides, be on time, be prepared and be confident.

Belief #2 – You can attract brides online just by asking them to hire you

Many new wedding planners show me their Facebook posts and Twitter tweets and I’ve found that their messages basically say, “Contact me if you need a wedding planner” over and over again.

The Truth – Unfortunately, these messages won’t get brides to “friend” or “follow” you, much less motivate them to contact you to plan their weddings.

Instead, consistently share tips and trends on planning weddings and help them see you as the expert they can trust.

Belief #3 – Charging very low fees will help you attract lots of brides

The Truth – The only brides you’ll attract with low rates are ones who won’t value what you have to offer and will try to get you to bring your rates down even lower.

Even when you are very new, you need to charge what you are worth so the brides who value your services will recognize you as a professional and want you to plan their weddings.

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