Wedding Planners – 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Placing Ads On Social Media Sites


3 Mistakes New Wedding Planners Make When Placing Ads On Social Media Sites

Are you starting to ramp up your marketing and advertising for your wedding planning business now that “engagement season” is a month away ?

I went to my Twitter feed a few days ago and noticed that I had a promoted (meaning paid) post from a wedding planner whom I don’t follow. A few days later I saw additional promoted posts from her.

This planner made 3 mistakes with her ads that I want to help you avoid, whether you’re ads are on Twitter or on another site.

1) The wedding planner offered a 50% discount

Wow! If you quote a price then tell brides you are willing to discount them by half, they are going to think that your services may only be worth the reduced price.

Also, discounts like this will not attract high-quality brides. You’ll only be attracting brides who are price shopping.

I’m not a big supporter of discounts. I would rather have you negotiate to give some small, additional services for your rate than see you offer discounts. Once you start agreeing to lower your prices in one area, a bride will want to haggle with you on all of your rates.

2) One of the wedding planner’s promoted posts basically just asked brides to hire her

Brides aren’t interested in sales pitches. Post a short wedding planning tip, send them to a special page on your website with more tips and a form to sign up for additional information. Then send out weekly emails with additional tips to keep them interested in you.

3) The website the wedding planner sent brides to was unfinished

If you’re going pay for an ad that sends brides to your website, you have to be sure you are ready to receive them. You should not have any pages that say “under construction” or indicate in any way that you are unprepared for readers. This gives a very bad first impression and gives the feeling that you will also not be prepared when it comes to planning weddings.

Before investing in ads on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, be sure the brides you want to reach are are active users of the site. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for a lot of clicks from brides who have no interest in using your services.

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