Wedding Planners – 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Your Niche


Wedding Planners - Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Selecting A Niche

When I start working with a new wedding planner, I ask them to tell me about their niche and why they choose to work with that particular group of brides. I have found that the reason some new wedding planners have struggled is because they didn’t select the correct niche.

Here are 3 mistakes I have seen them make when it comes to selecting the niche that is right for them:

Mistake #1 – They selected solely on the money they thought they could make

One new wedding planner told me her target was high-end brides, then proceeded to complain that she felt they were too demanding and controlling. She selected this niche because she believed it was the only way she could make a lot of money as a wedding planner but she resented the brides she said she wanted to help.

Unless you have passion for what you are doing and respect for the brides you will serve, you will not be successful and you will not make a lot of money.

Mistake #2 – They selected a niche that someone else told them would be good

Another new planner told me a friend suggested that she target brides who were getting married for a second or even third time because there are many around today.

True, there are many second time brides but that doesn’t mean they are a great niche for a wedding planner. Although many are career women who have the money for a wedding and are so busy that they certainly need a planner, these are also women who may be hesitant to have a big wedding, especially if they already did that once. You would need to find out if there is enough demand for a wedding planner for second time brides in your area to give you the amount of business that you desire.

Welcome suggestions for your niche from others, if you want, but do some research before you invest too much time marketing to a niche that isn’t right for you.

Mistake #3 – They copy another wedding planner

Just because another wedding planner is successful with a particular niche doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be. Their success is due to their experience, skills and expertise, business and personal relationships, vendor contacts, location, and/or any number of other factors.

It’s fine to be inspired by another planner’s success but to be successful yourself, you need to be unique.

To select the right niche, imagine what you ideal bride is like, do some research and make sure you know she is someone who would hire a wedding planner. Then find out what services she would buy and learn where and how you can market those services to her.

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    I like this statement “imagine what you ideal bride is like”. I think when you have this in mind, you will never go wrong and you will enjoy what you do.


    Thanks for your comment, Janet. Yes, and if you love what you do you will do your best for every bride.

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