Wedding Planners – 3 Reasons to Target Brides Who Don’t Want Full Service Wedding Planning Packages


Wedding Planners Should Target Small Weddings

Who are the perfect first wedding planning clients for you? You’re probably thinking it’s high-end brides with large weddings who want to purchase your full service packages. These brides would give you the opportunity to display all of your talents, make a lot of money, collect some great photos for your portfolio and give you great referrals to their friends.

But don’t overlook the brides in your niche who only want to purchase your consultation services, “day of” coordination services or who may be having a small wedding and don’t need all of the benefits of your full service packages.

Here are 3 benefits of working with brides who don’t believe they need full service wedding planning:

1) Less competition

Most wedding planners try to attract brides who are planning large weddings and need full service while ignoring those who have smaller needs. They don’t believe these brides are worth their time so if you target them, you might find yourself very busy.

2) More opportunities to get experience

You’ll be spending less time with each wedding than you would on a full service package so you can work with more brides and take on a greater variety of work. These experiences will help you increase your skills and knowledge so you’ll have more to offer your future brides.

You’ll also get the chance to work with more wedding vendors who can be great sources of referrals for you.

3) You still may sell full service packages

It frequently happens that a bride purchases a consultation or “day of” wedding coordination, realizes how much she needs a wedding planner and ends up purchasing a full service package.

Offering consultations, “day of” wedding coordination and wedding planning for small weddings doesn’t mean you target low budget brides or charge low rates. You target brides who have the budget to pay you but don’t feel a need for full service wedding planning. That is, until they work with you and realize they can’t have a fabulous wedding without your help!

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