Wedding Planners – 3 Reasons Why New Wedding Planning Businesses Struggle


Why New Wedding Planners Struggle

It’s exciting to start a wedding planning business, but many new wedding planners struggle because they fail to make plans and decisions that will set them up for success.

Here are 3 reasons I’ve found that cause their struggles, and what you can do instead:

1) They created their services before talking to brides

Many new wedding planners decide the services they’re going to offer by looking at the websites of other wedding planners and offering the same things. Or, they create services that they think are perfect for brides that brides just don’t want.

To have a successful business, you must find out what your potential brides want and need first, then create and market those services.

2) They didn’t have plans for success

I know many of you are starting out as a one person business but in order to have a successful business, you’ll need to able to work with more than one bride at a time and plan more than one wedding a time which means you need assistants. Think about what you want your business to look like when it’s successful and make plans to hire the people you need to get you there.

And, even if you start by planning one wedding at a time, you’ll need assistants. Build their costs into your proposals so you don’t end up paying them out of your profits.

3) They paid too much money to attract brides

Advertising online on wedding websites, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and offline by exhibiting in bridal shows, holding an open house or paying to be a preferred planner with a bridal salon, are all great ways you can attract brides. However, be sure you aren’t spending more money getting brides than you are earning when planning their weddings.

Consider each marketing opportunity closely and make sure it attracts the type of brides you want before you invest. Then, after you’ve invested, track your results to see which opportunities give you the biggest return on your investment before you sign any long term contacts.

If your business is struggling, making just one of the small changes mentioned here could put you on the path to success.

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