Wedding Planners – 3 Signs You Aren’t Taking Your Business Seriously


Having a Successful Wedding Planning Business

You became a wedding planner because you have a real passion for weddings but you need to realize that you’re not just planning weddings, you’re running a business. If you’re not having the success that you want, it could be that you are so wrapped up in planning weddings, or thinking about planning weddings, that you’ve forgotten to take care of your business.

Here are 3 signs that you aren’t taking your business seriously:

1) You haven’t written a business plan

Just as you can’t have a fabulous wedding without a plan, you can’t have a successful business without a plan. You must know what you want your business to look like now and in the future, the type of bride you want as your client, the services you are going to offer her, and how you’re going to market your services to her.

2) You haven’t bothered to become a legal business owner

You’re not really a professional wedding planner if you don’t have a business license, don’t have a written legal contract you can use with a client and haven’t set up a business banking account. You can’t “do these things later.” If you’re working without any of them, wedding planning is a hobby, not a business, and brides and the wedding vendors you want to work with will not take you seriously.

3 ) You haven’t left your office

It’s fun to find beautiful wedding photos and pin them on Pinterest and talk to brides and other wedding professionals through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and you need to do these things. But, they’re not enough. You need to get out and meet other professionals and brides face-to-face in order to bring in a lot of business.

Start taking your wedding planning business seriously so you can get the success you want.

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