Wedding Planners – 3 Things to Do When Everyone Seems to Be Doing Better Than You


 Overcoming frustration when other wedding planners are doing better than you

As a wedding planner there may be a time when you’ll wonder, “Why do other wedding planners have more work than I do? What’s wrong with me? Am I wasting my time?”

Every top wedding planner has wondered the same thing at some point. Here are 3 things to do when you it happens to you:

1) Look back and see how far you have come

Many people dream and talk about becoming a wedding planner but never do it. You have taken action, studied wedding planning, developed skills and gotten experience, promoted your business and planned weddings. Be proud of yourself for what you have already accomplished.

2) Quit comparing yourself to others

Everyone follows a different path to success. If you’re not reaching your goals as quickly as someone else, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful in the future.

3) Take a second look at your niche and the services you’re offering

If you’re not getting many clients, it could be that you aren’t offering the services your niche needs. Do a little research and make sure you have the services and products they want and will buy. All it might take to capture more brides in your niche is a slight change to your services.

Or, if you are trying to appeal to all brides, you need to select a niche. You’re having trouble attracting lots of brides because no bride feels you’re talking to her and addressing her problems. Selecting a niche, creating the services they will buy and speaking to their problems in your marketing can make a big difference to the success of your wedding planning business.

Don’t waste time being frustrated, depressed or jealous and don’t give up. If you do, you’ll rob yourself of the opportunity to fulfill your dream and rob many brides of the chance to work with you, a passion planner who can help them have the weddings they want.

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