Wedding Planners – 3 Things to Tell People About What You Do


What Wedding Planners Should Say About  What They Do

When people ask you what you do, what do you say?

If your only response is, “I’m a wedding planner,” you run the risk of people believing you are just like the ones they’ve seen in the comedies on television or in the movies, people who charge a lot of money then take over control of weddings from brides and make them overspend.

Instead of this simple response, take the time to create one that helps people recognize you as a unique and valuable expert in planning weddings.

Here are 3 things you should tell people when asked what you do:

1) Who your clients, or potential clients, are

For example, tell people: “I help brides with busy careers take care of all of the details concerning their weddings.”

2) The benefits of your services

Let people know the benefits you brides receive when they work with you.

Some examples: they won’t have the worry and stress of doing it all themselves; they get access to the best wedding vendors in town and great rates because of your connections; or they get information on the latest wedding trends and help creating the style of wedding they want, within their budget.

3) How much you love what you do

When you show enthusiasm and passion for the brides you help and the work that you do, people will perceive you as an expert and spend more time getting to know you and your business. This can lead to great relationships, both personal and professional, and great referrals to the brides you want.

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